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The character design is good, and I enjoy the effects you used to make the snow. Your anatomy is just slightly off, as the arms seem pr...

Underwater Skies by DerpInfinity

The colours are very nice and I enjoy the contrast if the light blue on the reddish-pink/purple. You should also note that while underw...




Just yesterday, I went to Regina, Saskatchewan (the capital of Saskatchewan) and had one of the best times of my life. My friend John came and picked me up early in the morning, around 9 AM, and that's when my adventure began.

Now in the town I live in, Regina is around 2 hours away, so approx. 200 kilometers (About 125 miles for my American friends =3) away from where I live. So it was an awful long drive with no stopping. Didn't stop us from still having fun however~ My friend hooked up his iPhone into the car stereo, and we blasted YouTube music for the entire trip. We jammed to such favorites as

Dream a Dream by Captain Jack
With a Capital T by Unknown (I say Unknown because I don't know the artists or it didn't say)
The Game of Life (English Version) by Unknown
UN Owen was Her (from Touhou)
One Headlight by The Wallflowers

and who could forget

All Star by Smash Mouth (some....BODY once told me-)

But we were there for strictly fun, we had a bit of business to take care of...Like clothes shopping. (Which will be posted in a moment after writing this journal)

But after all that was taken care of, we decided it would be a good time to stop for lunch. I wanted to introduce my friend to donairs (pronounced Dough-nair), a kind of middle eastern burrito, only with spiced beef or lamb strips, (Look it up.) but first we had to find someplace that served them. So he took us to a mall which supposedly had donairs in the food court. Upon arriving and realizing his error, he corrected himself and told us that it was actually down the street from the mall, supposedly within walking distance.

SO we postponed our lunch for a little longer as we started to make our way to this donair place.

He didn't tell us that this place was more than 10 city blocks away.

So, hungry, hot, and very angry with our friend, we ended up walking all the way over there. However, when we got there, it made the entire walk all the better.

The place was run by one guy. Looked like he was from the middle east. But he was the nicest guy I have ever met in a city. We talked, we joked, we laughed. Now you have to remember, we were complete strangers to him. But after it was all said and done, he ended up making us King sized donairs rather than the regular sizes we ordered, for no extra charge, all because he felt bad that we walked for 10 blocks in the heat, starving the entire time.

We each gave him a sizable tip, and with good reason. The donairs were more than worth it. They were big, filling, and amazing to the taste. We showered him with compliments, saying they were the best donairs we've had in years (Which was true, actually) and then we left, very full and very happy.

We then went back to the mall, bought some discounted games (score!) and then drove to a different mall across town. There, we found a store full of fandom related goods, like shirts, socks, collectibles, belt buckles, all from different fandoms. I bought something there (I won't say what) and then we decided to head home, arriving at about 5 PM.

It was the best day this year so far, so I can't wait for my next trip!

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