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Snow by DerpInfinity

The character design is good, and I enjoy the effects you used to make the snow. Your anatomy is just slightly off, as the arms seem pr...

Underwater Skies by DerpInfinity

The colours are very nice and I enjoy the contrast if the light blue on the reddish-pink/purple. You should also note that while underw...




D.A.T.A.: Attack Form Activated by DubleTruble96
D.A.T.A.: Attack Form Activated
Your Digitally Analyzing Techno-organic Android comes fully equipped with twin shoulder-mounted PRPG Launchers, fully-automatic .32 caliber Series 4 Gatling Guns, concealed Underwing Brand SMG Turrets and an Optic Assist Sightline Lazer (for those tough to hit targets!).

Not only is your family safe and your home well protected, this D.A.T.A. comes with all the Attack Mode features (ammunition included!) for the low low price of $19.99 CAN! Order now!


D.A.T.A., among her many other abilities, has a fully operation Attack Formation. This comes equipped with Pod Rockets, a lazer sight, two gatling guns (concealed in her forelegs), twin machine guns under her wings, and a tripod to maintain balance.

I am well aware that her tail is missing. Her tail actually retracts into her flank so as to not electrocute herself (or any other pony) if she happens to be standing near a puddle.

D.A.T.A. the Pony (Sorta) by DubleTruble96
D.A.T.A. the Pony (Sorta)
The Digitally Analyzing Techno-organic Android is both fun and safe for all ages! Among her many abilities and upgrades, she has an attack mode, a defense mode, a multi-tool, a plethora of appliances, as well as a fully functioning storage container powered by a black hole, making it both time-proof and space-proof (i.e.: Her storage compartment is not affected by the limits of time and space).

Other abilities include: Water-breathing, rust-proofing, limb-extension, the ability to store things greater than her own size, and the ability to "digest" both organic and inorganic matter to serve as fuel (strictly aesthetic. She's powered by the dark matter expelled by the black hole.)

Get yours today for the low low price of $19.99 CAN!


The Digitally Analyzing Techno-organic Android known as "D.A.T.A." was originally built as a Supercomputer meant for alchemical and magical analysis. Who or what built her was unknown, and DATA's hard drives have almost unpassable firewalls protecting this information from even her.

After years of usage by this mysterious creature, she was "abandoned", or perhaps her user had gone missing. Who's to say? Regardless, she was left to rot in an old building alone. Thankfully for her user, however, she had a multitude of programs and files which gave her simulated free will, so, using her access to most of the manufacturing machines among the building, she built herself a body that resembled the most prominent species of the land she was in to not only become mobile, but to interact with these creatures and perhaps study them.

After her empty husk of a body was assembled, she had one of the many mechanical arms in the building attach a patch cable from herself to the body. She downloaded the entirety of her programming into the body's ROM, and thus, D.A.T.A. was born.

Among her many abilities as a supercomputer, she can breath underwater, she's rust-proofed, her limbs can extend and retract, she can fly, and more. One ability she's fond of is her ability to consume and digest organic matter to use as fuel. She thinks it makes her more "life-like".

D.A.T.A. is mine, so if you see other people using or drawing her without permission please let me know.

MLP however belongs to Hasbro.
What is Rage by DubleTruble96
What is Rage
Yay for more Photomanipulation!

This is possibly the best picture I have ever made.

Me and the pic (c) Me
My friends faces (c) Not Me
What is Love (c) Haddaway
Stranger Than Fiction Cover Art by DubleTruble96
Stranger Than Fiction Cover Art
This is the completed version of the WIP from earlier. ovo

Stranger Than Fiction and all artwork shown (c) Me
Stranger Than Fiction Cover WIP by DubleTruble96
Stranger Than Fiction Cover WIP
This is a WIP version of the cover picture for Stranger Than Fiction.

It may also be used as a template if you wish. =3

Stranger Than Fiction (c) Me =3

Please do not use without my permission~
That doesn't necessarily mean that my writer's block is over. It just means that I was able to sit down and finish the chapter. The end of the story is coming! =D Just bear with me!
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Any donations are welcome.

I'm willing to do commissions, but only hand-drawn ones...Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner, so I'm going to do this relatively cheaply.

Comissions only effect those who are NOT on my friends list...
UNLESS my friend feels like he/she wants to pay me for it. XD

:bulletred: ~ Closed
:bulletyellow: ~ Friends Only
:bulletgreen: ~ Open

Comissions ~ :bulletgreen:
Gifts ~ :bulletyellow:
Requests ~ :bulletred:

5:points: ~ Drawing, no shading/colour
7:points: ~ Drawing, with shading/colour
10:points: ~ Drawing, with shading AND colour


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I did leave. My brother was on the comp.
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Hello, I just looked at one of your races, the plushie race, and I had a question: If a person gets trapped inside the plushie, do they become a plushie?
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It's possible. But that's something the plushie gets to decide. But normally, it doesn't happen.
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okay ^_^
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