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Snow by DerpInfinity

The character design is good, and I enjoy the effects you used to make the snow. Your anatomy is just slightly off, as the arms seem pr...

Underwater Skies by DerpInfinity

The colours are very nice and I enjoy the contrast if the light blue on the reddish-pink/purple. You should also note that while underw...





Happy Halloween from Flam! by DubleTruble96
Happy Halloween from Flam!
I'm going as Flam from the FlimFlam Brothers of MLP! =D Would've been a good likeness if I could only find BLUE striped jackets. Ah well. Beggers can't be choosers. Have a very spooky and safe Halloween everyone!
"With a heavy heart and trembling hand I pen this entry. It came as no surprise that the other Dragons were not comfortable with the idea of new recruits, much less new Dragons at all. They showed the same kind of hostility at first when I joined. But the only reason that they warmed up to me so soon was because I was the only one who could kill on the spot. Perhaps out of fear. Perhaps out of respect. Either way, they are not liking this idea of new Dragons...

The girls' search for resources came back with more supplies than we would need, even with the extra Dragons. However, the others have not fared nearly as well. Chunky and Shaun are experienced in blacksmithing and metallurgy, but not at all experienced in anything having to do with the arcane of our Order. Not to mention, after I had Tanner and Leo clean up, I had them go out and see if they can find suitable hosts for the power.

I forgot one important thing about this, however. The rules are simple: Young in Age, Pure in Heart, Strong in Will. We do not have time to wait for our new recruits to become old enough to fight with us, and finding young adults is not an option. It seems that my original plan is moot.

So I did some extra research on the Amulets and their power.."

Chapter 12: With Great Power

I called the other Dragons back into the meeting hall. They all stood at attention once more as I took my seat at the top of the stairs.

"Dragons, I was a fool to think that extra manpower...." I motioned to Catherine, Rolly and Templa.  "And womanpower...was necessary for our Order to maintain our survival. We do not have the time, energy, or knowledge to create more soldiers for our Order, much less new Dragons. That being said, it still leaves us with one major problem: How we're going to win this war. I say this as if there is going to be a glorious victory, but the reality is plain: There are never winners in war. Only losers. Especially when you are warring with those you are sworn to protect."

They all murmured a bit before I continued.

"That being said, I find that we need ways of stopping our enemy with non-violent means."

I stepped down from the throne and started to pace the floor in front of them.

"I've been doing a lot of research. Reading the diaries of past Dragons, journals, books, papers...Everything I could find on our Order and our Amulets. And I've found something you will all find very interesting."

I paused, giving them a brief moment to absorb all that.

"We have....hidden abilities of sorts."

They all looked at one another silently.

"Abilities engraved in our Amulets. Figuratively. Shaun, you have the ability to set yourself ablaze and spew liquid magma. Your fire will never extinguish, even underwater, until you want it to. Chunky, you can bend plants, trees, wood, metal...anything that has to do with this Earth, to your will, and create such things with the flick of a finger. Tanner, you can harness the power of lightning and storms, conjuring up the weather itself. Catherine, you have the ability of toxins...but also biohazardous material. You can control, spew, and even create all sorts of viruses, bacteria, toxic waste, and radioactive materials. Leo, you too can control and contort ice, however, not on as large a scale as Templa. Rolly, you can not only bend the sound waves around you, but make people hear things...hallucinate, or even mind control. Finally, Templa, you have the ability to create ice out of anything, even the hottest materials."

They all smiled and looked at each other, then looked back at me. Soon, Templa asked the question on everyone's minds.

"But Deduc Draco, what about you?"

They stared at me for a moment, confused.

"Meaningggg...." Shaun said, expecting me to finish his sentence.
"Meaning that I can give life...and take it."

They all stared at me for a long while before I continued to speak.

"The way we all access these powers something that we all must learn. There are different ways of unlocking everyone's true power. But the ways were lost long ago. We ALL must find a way to unlock our potential. That is all we are going to be doing for the next while. Once we have unlocked our power, I have a highly detailed plan the humans would say....Kill them with kindness. Dismissed."

Most of the other Dragons left the room, but Catherine stayed behind.

" mean..Deduc Draco...Permission to speak freely?"
"Shay, with all due respect, the plan makes no sense...We have to spend all this time, trying out different things to unlock our weird hidden power, but we don't even know where to begin!"
"Catherine, as much as I agree with you, it is also the only plan of action we have. As much as I don't like spending time on what sounds to all of us like a fruitless effort, it's necessary."
"I suppose we should read the journals, see if we can find clues, similarities or links between how each Dragon before us unlocked their potential."
"Good idea. Pass this along to the other Dragons, that you all have complete, unrestricted access to the entire library until further notice."

She nodded and kneeled before me, then stood up and left. I sighed heavily. Being a leader was more difficult than I bargained for...

Catherine must've spent hours in the library that night. By the time I came back in the next morning, I walked into the library to do some research of my own, only to find Catherine sleepily gazing over another tome, her eyes heavy with lack of sleep, and a thermos of coffee sitting next to her.

"Catherine, you have been working at this most diligently, but please, you must rest."
"No..." She shooed me away. "I'm working."
"Catherine, while I appreciate your determination, you must rest to give your brain time to recharge."

Catherine looked at me to utter another protest, only to stop, then fall face first into the book, snoring loudly. I shook my head with a small smile, then grabbed a blanket and put it over her back. I left the library silently.

Soon, Rolly came rushing in excitedly.


She screeched to halt in front of me.

"DEDUC-" I covered her mouth.
"Calm yourself, Rolly, then tell me what is on your mind."

She nodded, and I removed my hand. She took a few deep breaths before smiling.

"Deduc Draco! I unlocked my power! Look!"

She held up her amulet. It didn't seem to look much different.

"Er..I don't-"

She spun it around, and the once plain silver engraving of a music note, was now a bright purple outline of a music note.

"See? Watch this!"

She screamed at a sweetroll sitting across from us in a pitch so high, I couldn't hear it with my own ears. However, the effect became evident when the sweetroll seemed to levitate across the room and into her waiting hands.

I nodded with an impressed frown.

"Not bad! Not bad at all! How'd you do it, Rolly?"

"Well, I was sitting in my bedroom, and I had taken a few tomes home to read. I had my earbuds in because I was listening to my favorite techno beat. But I guess in the midst of it all, I fell asleep. But as I was falling asleep, something weird happened. It was all made sense to me. It was like it came to me in a dream!"

I put my hand to my chin in thought.

"Anyway, I'm gonna go practice my new power! See ya!" She ran off toward the training grounds, and that was the last I saw of her that day.

I wondered what exactly triggered it. Perhaps it was the fact that she was listening to music. Or perhaps it had something to do with sleep...Either way, something happened. But the clues were not fitting together properly. It seemed way too simple. Could it really be that easy? Or was it easy for her because her amulet is so new? After all, the Purple Dragon didn't come into being until the late 20th century....Strange...Strange indeed.
Chapter 11: Base Jumping

The morning in Tokyo was warm that day. I awoke first, but decided to let my team rest. I got up and out of bed, took a brief shower, then got dressed. I walked to the balcony again. The warm breeze blew across me, giving me a chill. My mother always told me that when you get a chill like that, it was because someone is walking over your grave in the future. A macabre thought, but a playful one too. I stared out into the city of Tokyo. It was so beautiful, despite having the hustle and bustle of the city. I stretched out a bit, then turned and walked back into the room. I put on my jacket, then walked downstairs to get something to eat. I walked into the dining hall and looked around.

It was a intricate Japanese dining hall with lots of decorations like lanterns, ribbons and lights. The tall, solid wooden pillars stretched all the way to the ceiling, and detailed woodwork helped support the roof. The place was solid red, but it was a very vibrant shade, full of energy. That's when one of the servants came in behind me.

"グッドモーニング、佳作ドラゴン." (Guddomōningu, kasaku doragon)

I turned, then blushed a tad. I had no idea what she had said, so I assumed.

"Uh...Good morning, miss. My deepest apologies, but I don't speak Japanese. My only known language is English."

She seemed to understand English, but perhaps she had trouble speaking it...

"Ahhh....Sorry sorry. I, ah, not good with English. I try to learn."

So she COULD speak English....

"Oh! No no, it's fine, miss."
"Would you like breakfast?"
"That'd be lovely."
"What would most honorable Dragon like?"
"What would you recommend?"
"How about traditional Japanese breakfast?"
"I'll try it."

She came out with a large tray of all sorts of things. I didn't realize the huge culture gap was so...well huge! This "breakfast" seemed more of a dinner!

The tray held a bowl of plain steamed rice, a plate with a large broiled fish of some kind, though the scent hinted it might be salmon, a soup of some kind with what appeared to be tofu, some beans of some kind, what appeared to be dried seaweed, an omelet, and a pickle.

"I hope you enjoy. Call if you need anything else."

She left the room, leaving me to my lonesome. I stared at the huge meal, then looked around. I knew some, but not much about Japanese traditions. One thing I knew was that the Japanese had very detailed ways of eating. They would always mix one thing with another, or perhaps eat it plain because that's how it was meant to be enjoyed. They would eat some things with chopsticks but others with their hands. They'd use soy sauce on some, but not all of their dishes.

I didn't want to come off as rude, but I also didn't know how exactly to eat any of this. Soon, Catherine awoke and came into the room.

"Hey Deduc Draco.. Or maybe I should say リーダードラゴン!" (Rīdādoragon)
"Er...Hey Cathy."
"Having breakfast?"
"I think so..."
"What do you mean?"
"This looks more like a dinner."
"That's the traditional Japanese breakfast! How come you haven't eaten yet?"
"...I don't know how."

She stared at me for a minute before smiling.

"You generally put the food in your mouth and chew....That's how I eat anyway." She put her arms behind her head and grinned.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

"Not what I meant. I mean like..there's always a system to how you eat things here...."
"Oh that's easy."

She walked over, then took the seaweed and dipped in it soy sauce, then rolled some rice with it. She then put some soy sauce on the beans and mixed them, before adding them to the rice.

"There! Now just eat what you want in any order."
"Really? It's that simple?"
"Shay, it's not like eating Sushi. Just eat! It's breakfast, not a bomb to disarm." She giggled.

Soon, the other Dragons came down to eat their meals and we decided to depart while we still had time. So, we went to the Emperor and bowed to each other, then spoke.

"Greetings, Great Dragons. I hear that you are leaving today for North America."
"Yes, Your Grace. I'd like to thank you on behalf of our entire Order for your hospitality. It was an honor to be here today."
"No Dragons. The honor is all mine. Where will you go now?"
"Forgive me if I hold my tounge, but maintaining a certain level of secrecy is essential. I do hope you understand."

He nodded and smiled.

"Well...May good luck follow you wherever you go, Great Dragons."
"ありがとうございます、あなたの恵み" (Arigatōgozaimasu, anata no megumi) I said smartly.

Everyone looked at me with surprise. I smiled.

"What? I pay more attention than you think."

Suddenly, Chunky spoke up.

"Yeah yeah, domo origami or whatever. Listen, I don't mean to be rude, but we gotta get back to North America and fast! Something's going down and we need to be there now."

We turned back to the Emperor and bowed, then turned and flew off.

Well except for Leo. He stood there awkwardly before shouting after us.


No one seemed to notice him shouting at us as we flew into the sky. Leo grunted and walked to the beach before leaping into the ocean and taking his Dragon form, swimming westward.

After 8 hours of nonstop flying (or in Leo's case, swimming), we landed in North America, and more accurately, a secluded beach in California. Leo dragged himself out of the ocean before any of even landed. Catherine and Rolly landed with grace; Tanner, Shaun and Chunky kinda slammed into the ground; Templa skated down on a sheet of suspended ice....

And I came in screaming.


Everyone was silent for a few minutes before they burst into laughter. I poked my head out of the mound of sand and spat out a seashell.

"Very funny."

They helped me out of the ground and dusted me off before we started off on foot.

"Where we going?"

Catherine pointed towards a collection of trees. We approached it and saw a familiar dent in the trunk of one of them. I pressed my amulet into the dent. A coconut fell from the tree and landed on a chute which led to a face of a cliff. It rolled down the chute and tripped a rock to roll down a thinner chute. The rock fell into a bucket which lifted a lever. The lever released another rock which fell somewhere into the face of the cliff in front of us. We heard a soft clattering and then, the ground split apart and revealed a sandy staircase leading into the depths of the cliff. We all went down into the darkness, with Shaun lighting the old tiki torches along the way.

Soon we arrived at a slide. We looked at each other.

"WELL ladies first!" Shaun said, shoving Catherine, Rolly and Templa towards the slide.
"Hey!! I think maybe we should go in order of the rainbow!" Cathy said, shoving Shaun towards the slide.
"Guys! Can we not bicker? Let's go in order of size, smallest to largest. Templa, have fun." Chunky said.
"Why don't we go in order of power? That way, the most powerful of us can get rid of whatever is down there!"

Everyone agreed and nodded, then stopped and stared at me. I looked around, then looked at my amulet.

"Oh drat."

"Just take care of whatever is down there, and we'll follow when we know it's safe!"
"How do we even know there's something down there?!"
"Simple! Every Dragon Order HQ has a guardian to protect it when it's not being used! And the only way to gain access is to defeat it!"
"You'll be fine!"

They gave me a swift kick to the back, and off I went. I slid down into the depths of the old cavern, screaming the entire way. Lucky, this slide was much less perilous than the minecart tra-aAAAAHHH OH MY GOD A CHUNK OF THE SLIDE IS MISSING!!

Thinking fast, I leapt to my feet, still sliding, then jumped across the gap. I landed and started to slide again. That's when I saw a huge axe swinging back and forth across the slide. I quickly laid on my back and slid right under it without a scratch. Finally, I was dumped into a huge cavern, not too much different than my last HQ. I looked around. Where was the guardian? That's when I saw a huge shadow slowly loom over me. I looked up and up and UUUUP! A huge snake was looking right at me, ready to swallow me whole. I swallowed hard, then decided to do what I needed to do. I breathed a billow of black smoke into it's nostrils, and it dropped like a fly. I turned.

"Okayy, it's dead! You can come down now!"

Everyone was going around, putting everything into our new HQ, temporary as it was. After everything was in place, I called everyone to the meeting hall. I sat upon my throne, looking down at the other Dragons, who stood at attention.

"Dragons..The time has come that we must fight. Fight the very people we were always told to protect...."

They looked at each other anxiously, but listened.

"It is not an easy decision of mine to make. It's also not easy that I decided that we need to recruit new Dragons."
"What do you mean, new Dragons?! Aren't we good enough?" Tanner protested. I raised my hand to silence him.

"I am not replacing you. But the world is huge place. And we're now having to fight a war on two fronts. We need to create new amulets and new Dragons. This is not negotiable."

They murmurred among themselves before I started to speak again.

"Finally, if push does come to shove, we may have to speak with the other Orders."
"Other Orders?" Catherine asked. "You don't mean-"
"I do."

Everyone gasped.

"It's not an easy decision. However, as Leader, I feel that this decision is the best I've got. We're not on a war against Humanity. We're on a war against Humanity's government. And until they abide by our terms, this war will not end. Shaun, I am counting on you and Chunky to create new Amulets. Catherine, Rolly, Templa. I need you three to scout the area, see what you can find. Resources, food, anything we might need. Tanner, Leo, you two are on clean up. Tidy up the HQ and organize what you can. Dismissed."
The Legend of the Dragon Guardians: Chapter 11
All Japanese text and translations provided by Google Translate. I apologize for any inaccuracies.

Chapter 1: The Torch is Passed On
Chapter 2: Two Birds, One Stone Pendant
Chapter 3: What's Yours Is Mine
Chapter 4: The Order
Chapter 5: Training Tracks
Chapter 6: Escape
Chapter 7: Dragon Tail
Chapter 8: Memory Lane
Chapter 9: Gate Crashing
Chapter 10: Smile and Wave
Chapter 11: Base Jumping
Chapter 12: Coming soon
Totollee naht photoshoped by DubleTruble96
Totollee naht photoshoped
After all that time learning about how to edit photos, this is what I came up with for my first piece of original art. XD
Hey everybody. My story is 50% complete currently, and I'm would like to get any thoughts or comments on the story so far. It's a been a long time coming to get this started, and there's still more to come! The suspense is palpable. What're your thoughts?~
  • Mood: Excited
Hey everybody. My story is 50% complete currently, and I'm would like to get any thoughts or comments on the story so far. It's a been a long time coming to get this started, and there's still more to come! The suspense is palpable. What're your thoughts?~
  • Mood: Excited

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