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Snow by DerpInfinity

The character design is good, and I enjoy the effects you used to make the snow. Your anatomy is just slightly off, as the arms seem pr...

Underwater Skies by DerpInfinity

The colours are very nice and I enjoy the contrast if the light blue on the reddish-pink/purple. You should also note that while underw...






Such a crazy thing, the idea of reality and fiction. People define "reality" in a few ways, but generally it stays the same: Reality is a general term to describe things that simply exist. Just as long as they are existing, they are real. But what about the things we deem as "fiction"? People would normally define it as "fake", "non-existant", or "untrue". But really, it just means anything that somebody has made up. Thought up. As in...just a thought. Not real. Not part of our "reality".

They coin the term for writers...authors...artists...Everything they make is either fictional or non-fictional. But lest we forget the fact that anything that is real....was indeed once nothing more than a thought, an idea....a form of fiction.

They simply needed the time to mature and come into fruition. To transition from fictional to real. And if that is the case, then can that not be said about the ideas that we have everyday? No matter how fantastical these ideas are, are they really out of our range of reality?

So just how long would it take for some of these ideas to spring forward into the plain of existence?

How long before our concept of reality

became stranger than fiction?

My dear friends....Let me tell you such a story. It all begins with a simple thought...a simple idea....a simple fictional scenerio...which spiralled out of control.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”
- Albert Einstein
Stranger Than Fiction: Prolouge
And so the story is finally started. After a lot of writing and rewriting and rerewriting and finally giving up and just revamping the idea, Stranger Than Fiction is finally going to be scribed! Huzzah! Now, one thing to note is this: The original story arc for Stranger Than Fiction is scrapped, as in it won't be coming back. This is not a sequel to the Legend of the Dragon Guardians or any of my other stories. This is set in a different universe. Got it? Good! See you on Chapter 1!
My Art Process by DubleTruble96
My Art Process
This is actually a detailed comic(?) detailing how I draw my pictures. I'm still learning, so it's not great. And I don't have a fancy art program either....It was all made with Paint.NET.

Stage 1 - Layout

This is where I usually just scribble with my pencil tool to get the basic idea of what I want to draw. Yes, I do this every time. Yes, it usually looks like that.

Stage 2 - Lineart

Then I take that 5-year-old's drawing of a layout, and take it and draw lines and curves over it with the line tool. This is usually the part where it starts to look better.

Stage 3 - Colour

I open up a layer underneath the original lineart, then paint under it, creating a new layer for each colour and part of the picture. So usually I end up with 10-15 layers plus after I'm done with just the colouring. This takes the longest time.

Stage 4 - Colour 2 + Detail + Shading

Then I open up MORE layers (so now it's closer to 20-30) to colour over the original layers. THEN I use the blur effect, soft brushes and erasers and other tools to complete the final picture.
Plushie World Concept by DubleTruble96
Plushie World Concept
My Plushie-verse concept art. Yeah I know it looks pretty damn basic, but bear with me.

Here's some information on the world. My cheesy little drawing above cannot do the real vision justice, so please add to the picture mentally as we go along to make a more life-like concept.

1. The Terrain
The terrain is actually pretty interesting. Grasses and grasslands are actually lush carpeting, with soft fluffy grasslike fibres 'growing' all over. Human or animal visitors who come often take their shoes off just to feel the soft ground between their toes. Sand, dirt and other grained terrain is usually made of coloured beads, similar to that in Beanie Babies, only not as hard. Stone and rock like terrain is usually made entirely of foam, so falling off a cliff is more of a bounce rather than a thud.

2. The Stitches
According to Plushie legend, there is a fantastical god-like being who sewed all of the world together using a gigantic sewing machine. This is hinted to be true because most of the plushie world's ground, plants, buildings and other structures seem to have stitching going across their surfaces. The seams never split, and the threads seem to be unbreakable. Whatever is under the sewn surface is unknown.

3. Plant Life
The plants are also made entirely of fabric and stuffing, however the material is different. It resembles more of a rougher, yet still soft fabric, similar to that of polyester. The stuffing in the trunk and branches of the 'tree' is cotton, and the leaves are silk. Most other forms of plant life, like flowers, grasses, and other (non-wooden) plants are usually silk or the carpet-like material mentioned above.

4. The Water
It doesn't look like water, likely it isn't water, and you can't drown under it...The water in the Plushie-verse is all silk, and from the surface, it appears to just be a thin layer floating on nothing. But when you touch it, your hand will often faze through it, but it won't get wet. If you dive in, you'll end up in "underwater physics", but without the fear of drowning. How this works it unknown, but it certainly is fun walking along the bottom of the Plushie Oceans. Other fluids come in other forms. Lava, for instance, comes in the form of a translucent orange and red gel, but unlike real lava, it's warm to the touch. People will often relax in pools of this gel like a hot tub.

5. The Cities
Most cities are plushified versions of REAL cities, often made entirely of foam and fabric. The services they provide are often...bizarre, suited more to plushies if anything. Restaurants apparently serve things like fabric or clothes instead of food. But then again, that's all food to a plushie. Their hotels are also strange, again, suited more for plushies. The "rooms" are actually plushie workers who ingest their guests to serve as living accommodations for them.

6. The Skies
The skies are actually artificial as well. However, no matter how close you think you are to the layer of fabric that makes up the sky, it always gets farther away. The sun, the clouds, the weather.....all fake, made of fabric or cotton. The clouds, however, are soft and bouncy, and people (and plushies) will often take down clouds to serve as beds.
Before and during the writing of the Legend, there was a lot of storyboarding, a lot of good ideas, and a lot of planning. And, just like any good series...there was a lot of ideas that simply didn't make the final cut. So I wanted to dedicate this post to all the ideas (currently) that simply didn't make it into the story.

Dragon Types

I've actually got asked this a few times, why I didn't make a Dragon of Air or Wind. The truth is, the original Green Dragon was going to be the Dragon of Air, but when it got to the whole 'unlocking' segment of the story, the Air Dragon just didn't make a lick of sense. There's not much TO Air, and there wouldn't have been much that it would've been able to do. So, Air was scrapped.

Again, this one came up a lot. The thing is, the Golden Dragon (Light) would've actually had his potential being that he could bring the dead to life, but that would make them undead, not living. It kind of fell into the realm of Necromancy and thus, I scrapped it.

Plant Life
This was honestly going to take the place of the Dragon of Earth, but it didn't. My reasoning is that it would only be able to control plants, not earth itself, and that being said, it made for a very large weakness to fire. Which would've been okay if one of the teammates wasn't literally the Dragon of Fire.

Mind Control/Psychic
The original Dragon of Sound, the Dragon of Psychic would've been able to control things telepathically, alter thought patterns and even give people hallucinations, but I just simply felt it was too powerful. Not to mention, the "Dragon of Psychic" just didn't sound nearly as catchy...

This was certainly a mistake on my part. There was going to be a 9th Dragon created about a quarter or half way into the story, and originally, her name was Cindy the Candy Dragon. Her dragon (if you would want to call it that) was pink, much like her hair. Her powers would've been controlling things like liquid sugar, and her breath would've been liquid sugar as well, to gum up the guns and movements of their enemies.

You can see why this was a terrible idea.

Again, an idea I was not proud of. The character (currently unnamed) would've been completely human, with no real distinguishable traits about him/her, but their Dragon would've been a giant animated marionette puppet (w/o strings or puppet control bars), who would use other puppets to do the fighting.

Again, the weakness to fire and the sheer ridiculousness of the Dragon led to it's scrapping.

I was planning on having a Dragon of Time, a sort of Guardian to the Dragons. This fantastical being would watch them, altering time and such to aid the Dragons, but the idea was scrapped for two reasons: 1. It felt a bit too underpowered, and 2. It made the Dragon sound more like a god, not a teammate.

This would've been the Golden Dragon, and in a way, it kind of is, however, I renamed it. In the story, Tanner unlocks the ability to control electrical currents, but not actually harness the sheer destructive power. He can EMP things, make electrical devices perform differently, and hack computers, but past that, not much else. The original design for this Dragon was going to be a neon blue, with large tesla coils on it's back and the end of it's tail, but it ended up being replaced with the more regal looking Golden Dragon of Light.

Character Development

Rolly and Catherine are Biological sisters.
Now, I know that the creators of said characters are, in real life, biologically related. However, the characters themselves are not. They don't even share similar physical traits: Catherine's hair is short and brown, but Rolly's hair is long and orange. Their body type isn't consistent, their personalities are not related, and over all, the two of them are more like...really close BBFs than  sisters.

Tanner is American.
Okay, I never actually remarked about the nationality of all the characters. Tanner is of Asian decent, and the idea that he was going to be American was scrapped. Why? Well, for one it seemed to stereotypical to me. A whole bunch of white kids saving the world seemed to cliche and racist. I'll delve more into the nationality of the characters in a later post. And secondly, there are many things that kind of point it out:

He meditates and practices Tai Chi. His dragon is Gold (or metallic Yellow). He believes heavily in the power of the universe. He is well trained in (though not a master of) martial arts. The traits are just obvious.

Shay killed his best friend, not his brother, in the story.
I've always wanted Shay to have a brother, someone around for him to hang out with. The problem with this was large: Shay was going to be gone for days at a time, weeks possibly. His brother would've gotten suspicious, probably would've discovered the Order, etc etc.

Originally, he was meant to be there for him after the mysterious death of his best friend, and defending him when he was discovered by the Government. This was all scrapped however because of the problem stated above. This meant that the brother would take the best friend's place. This meant 2 things: 1. The story would become that much more tragic. 2. The discovery of the Order would make a bit more sense.

Chunky is very very Southern.
No. I'm sorry. But the truth is, I wanted this character to LOOK Southern, but not sound or act southern. Why? Because I felt it would be too offensive to real people from the South. Instead, he just wears cowboy garb and such, but actually has the deepened voice of a large pro-athlete.

Templa is American.
Again, scrapped for the same reason as Tanner.


The story takes place not in the US, but somewhere else.
This was scrapped simply due to my lack of knowledge about other countries, and the fact that my Government (as a Canadian) simply didn't make sense in the plot.


Sgt. Harper was never going to actually be a Harpy General.
My original plan for this character was going to be the one who took matters into his own hands, and that meant breaking the rules, which included the harming of civilians, the death of thousands of innocent lives, and the eventual death of the Sgt himself. This was scrapped however because of I felt the the Harpies, who have already proved to be able to disguise as humans, would be more interesting and add to the plot.

The Deaths of Shay's Parents
The army was originally going to be holding Shay's family hostage to get him to turn himself and the other Dragons in. Shay barged back into the facility to rescue them, but it only proved to be a trap. Shay and the others were then forced to watch the execution of his parents (and brother, but again, scrapped).

This was scrapped for a different ending.
Scrapped Ideas (Warning! Spoilers!)
There are some plot spoilers later in the post. I made sure to put a warning on the post so you know where to stop. You can't blame me if you ruin it for yourself! You have been warned!
Hey everybody. My story is 50% complete currently, and I'm would like to get any thoughts or comments on the story so far. It's a been a long time coming to get this started, and there's still more to come! The suspense is palpable. What're your thoughts?~
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