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Snow by DerpInfinity

The character design is good, and I enjoy the effects you used to make the snow. Your anatomy is just slightly off, as the arms seem pr...

Underwater Skies by DerpInfinity

The colours are very nice and I enjoy the contrast if the light blue on the reddish-pink/purple. You should also note that while underw...





Chapter 10: Smile and Wave

After 10 long grueling hours of flying endlessly into the afternoon sky, which soon turned to a night sky, then to an early morning sky, I arrived on the shores of Japan with the grace of a dragon...


And by that, I mean the grace of a skydiving elephant.

My top half was now buried under a mound of sand, my sandy legs sticking out like boards. I pushed myself up, coughing and sputtering, spitting out mouthfuls of the disgusting powdered stones, and sat down on the beach, brushing the sand off my jacket and pants. I then had to remove my shoes and knock sand out of those. Then I had to shake my head vigorously to get all the sand out of my hair.

I had sand in places I didn't even know I could get sand in.

Finally, after a painfully long de-sanding, I stood up and turned around, seeing the city of Tokyo in the distance. I could see fireworks going off and heard a lot of cheering. I turned when I heard something wash ashore. It was Leo again, and he hauled up his carrying bubble and brought it up onto dry land.

"Hello Deduc Draco!"
"Hey Leo."

I turned and looked back at the Tokyo skyline. I could sense Leo was doing the same.

"So this is Tokyo, huh?"
"You been here before?"
"Yep~ Only once though. It was on a school trip."
"Huh. So where's the base?"

I turned to Leo, who had shapeshifted back into his human form, the bubble attached to a rope he was holding onto so it wouldn't float away.

"Yeah, our temporary HQ? We have a place to hide out, right?"

Leo chuckled.

"No, of course not! Asia loves dragons! We hide in plain sight!"
"You don't mean-"
"Yep! Come on!" He started towards Tokyo as fast as he could. I ran after him, still hurting a little from the crash landing.

Soon we arrived in the city, and the purpose of all the fireworks and cheering became clear. It was a parade honouring something...or someone. But neither of us could tell who it was. There was too much noise. Leo took me through the crowd and pointed to the floats going by, and when I saw them, my jaw hit the floor.

The floats were giant dragons. But not just ANY was US! That's when I noticed Shaun on the Red Dragon float, so I ran up to it and jogged beside it, shouting to him as we went.

"Hey! Deduc Draco! You're just in time! Your float is at the front! You'd better hurry if you wanna join the party!"
"Wait, what party?! And why aren't we hiding?!"
"Asia thinks we're sorta like gods on Earth! I mean, they don't really worship us, but they treat us like royalty! In fact, after the party, we have a meeting with the big man himself!"

I sighed heavily, then stopped. Chunky and Tanner soon passed, and Catherine started to go by me on the Green float.

"Hey Shay! Up here!"
"Catherine! You're okay!"
"Of course we are! And we're having a blast! Quick, get to the front of the parade! Your float is empty!"

Finally, I decided to just play it by ear, and ran to the front of the parade, climbing onto the Black Dragon float. I sat down in the throne that was set up and I smiled, waving to all the passerby as they cheered.

The parade was not very long, as I arrived late, and at the end, there was a huge reception waiting for us. We all got down from our floats and into the party. There was tons of Japanese style dishes, as well as a few American styled dishes too! We sang, danced, and had a blast the entire time. I even think that Templa, who's normally one of the most collecting people in the Order, got a bit tipsy!

But soon, we were escorted to the palace. There we met the Emporer of Japan himself.

"こんにちはドラゴンズ。" (Kon'nichiwa doragonzu.) He said.

I leaned over to Rolly and whispered. "What'd he say?"

"こんにちは、あなたの恵み" (Kon'nichiwa, anata no megumi.) Catherine piped up.

We all looked at Catherine with confused stares.

"Ahh..." The Emporer continued. "あなたが日本語を話す?" (Anata ga nihongo o hanasu?)

"はい" (Hai.)

"他のドラゴンは日本語を話しますか?" (Hoka no doragon wa nihongo o hanashimasu ka?)

"いいえ" (Īe.)

We just stared for a minute as the Emporer nodded quietly and frowned a bit, then turned to the rest of us.

"My apologies, Great Dragons. Green Dragon of Poison informs me that not all of you speak Japanese."
"It's fine, your Grace." I said with a bit of a stutter.
"You are..Black Dragon of Death, yes?"
"Ah, it is an honour to be in your presence."
"The honour is ours, your Grace. I'd like to personally thank you on behalf of my fellow Dragons for the parade and the reception. It was most kind of you."
"It is the least we can do for such honoured guests."

He turned to one of his servants.

"あなたは私たちのゲストのための部屋を確認してくださいことはできますか?" (Anata wa watashitachi no gesuto no tame no heya o kakuninshitekudasai koto wa dekimasu ka?)

The servant quickly bowed and off she went.

"A room is being made for you all as we speak. We do hope you enjoy your stay, and you are always welcome here in Tokyo."

He put his hands together in front of his chest and bowed. We did the same and bowed to him, then the servant came back.

"客室には準備ができて、素晴らしいドラゴンズです" (Kyakushitsu ni wa junbi ga dekite, subarashī doragonzudesu.)

Catherine looked at us. "She says that our room is ready."

"Thank you, miss." I said to her, and Catherine translated for her.

"どうもありがとうございました" (Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita.)

Soon, we were all in our room together. I sat down on the bed and looked at Catherine, whom was removing her hat and jacket.

"Hey Catherine?"
She looked at me. "Hm?"
"Where'd you learn Japanese?"
"I have my ways." She said with a smile.

That's when Rolly peeked in from around a corner, and her bare shoulders implied she may not have her corset on.

"She just watches a lot of anime."

Catherine stomped her foot and scrunched up her face.

"So what?!"

I shook my head and left the room as the two girls continued to bicker. I went outside and sat down on the balcony patio. It was a tranquil night, and after a long time of flying across an ocean, a good night's rest is exactly what we all needed. I looked up at the full moon, such a brilliant white. A perfect end to a perfect day, I'd say.

"Shaun! Oh my god get out! I'm getting dressed!"

I groaned. I'll deal with that in the morning.
The Legend of the Dragon Guardians: Chapter 10
All Japanese text and translations provided by Google Translate. I apologize for any inaccuracies.

Chapter 1: The Torch is Passed On
Chapter 2: Two Birds, One Stone Pendant
Chapter 3: What's Yours Is Mine
Chapter 4: The Order
Chapter 5: Training Tracks
Chapter 6: Escape
Chapter 7: Dragon Tail
Chapter 8: Memory Lane
Chapter 9: Gate Crashing
Chapter 10: Smile and Wave
Chapter 11: Coming soon
Chapter 9: Gate Crashing

I flew back down to the cliff face that hid our HQ, pressing my amulet into the carving. The door slid open and I stepped inside. As I walked, I could feel a mix of the cool underground air, and the heat from the torches flicking sparks into my face. The orange tint the flames held provided little comfort to the mood that I had that day. My shoes echoed down the dank staircase as I decended. A lone mouse ran by my foot when I got to the bottom and approached the rotted old set of train tracks. Soon, Catherine and Rolly ran down the staircase behind me, panting and trying to say something to me, while catching their breath at the same time.

"Deduc...*pant* Draco....*wheeze* people...." Catherine managed to spit out.
"Guns....*cough* hurry!...." Rolly chimed in.
"Whoa whoa whoa, calm down and catch your breath, then tell me what's wrong."

They both took about thirty seconds, coughing and sputtering a bit before clearing their throats. Rolly was the first one to speak.

"The military...they followed us! They're going to be breaching our doors in a few minutes! We need to get the other Dragons out!"
"And we need to cover our tracks!"

I put my hand to my chin, thinking hard as a minecart clattered down the tracks toward us, screeching to a halt on the rusty rails. Catherine and Rolly climbed in and stared at me, expecting me to follow.

"What are you waiting for Deduc Draco?! Get in!"
"Yeah, come on Shay! They'll be here any sec-"

Suddenly, we heard our stone door exploding and saw the rubble rolling down the stairs. We then heard a group of armored soldiers stomping down the stairs after it. I turned tail and grabbed the back of their cart, giving it a deft shove, but it was stuck on the rust. I got onto the track and brought my leg up and mule kicked it as hard as I could. The old cart creaked and squealed before it started to roll down the track. I took to the air and landed in the next minecart as it rolled by.

"Come on Shay!! We need to go!" Catherine said, their cart squealing and making sparks, clattering down the tracks. "Can't this tub move any faster?!"

Soon we all heard a third minecart rolling down the tracks. We all spun our heads around and saw the elite soldiers speeding after us, firing their guns. We ducked into the safety of our carts as bullets struck the old wood and metal.

"Shay! Get into our cart! I'll melt the track behind us!" Catherine said.
"Come on!"

I poked my head out to respond, but quickly ducked under more gunfire.

"Catherine, your cart is going too fast! They're not after you! They're after me!"
"So what?! The Order has to stay together!" Rolly cried after me.
"Catherine! When you go down the GREEN track, I want you to melt the rails!"
"Are you crazy?! Where will you go?!"
"I'm going down the RED track."
"What?!" Rolly shouted. "That's a cave-in area! There's a reason we have that gate there!!"

Soon all three carts were going down a sharp bend and our carts started to tilt towards the outer track. Soon we all counterbalanced our carts and we continued down the rail. We could hear the officers behind us shouting.

"Rolly, Catherine, unless you two can fire a blob of acid behind my cart without taking my head off, do as I say!!"
"But Shay-" Rolly protested.
"But nothing!" I interrupted, ducking under more gun fire.

We soon started to come to the intersection. Catherine and Rolly screeched down into the Green signal tunnel.

"DO IT!" I shouted.

Catherine frowned and whimpered a bit, but opened her mouth and launched a huge blob of acid onto the track behind them. The acid melted the metal and burned through the wood like paper, rendering the rail useless. I hit the signal flag and spun it around to Red, and the track ahead of me switched to the blocked gate. I reached down and grabbed a chunk of old iron ore from the bottom of my cart and turned around. I saw the soldiers taking aim at me. I only had one shot and had a very small window of time to use it. As soon as I felt the cart swerve left, I threw the chunk of ore at the signal flag.

The flag spun around to signal Green, and the track switched. I turned around and ducked into my cart as it smashed through the rotted wood gate and down the unsafe mineshaft. Soon, I heard the echoed screams of the elite soldiers falling into the depths of the mine to their doom. I poked my head out and looked around. The tunnel I was going down was covered in boards and pillars, most of them rotted to the point of uselessness. That's when the tunnel ended.

The tunnel opened up into a gigantic mine cavern, with glittering ore everywhere. That's when I noticed the lack of rail ahead of me. I opened my wings and grabbed onto the sides of my cart firmly. As soon as my cart left the tracks, I flapped my wings as hard as I could and used all the strength I could muster to lift the heavy minecart. I gained a little altitude before landing on another set of rails and dropping into my cart. I needed to figure out where this stupid track led to. Perhaps it would be a way out.

My rails ended again and I jumped to the next track, looping down a tunnel and back out into the cave. The tracks ended again, and I jumped to the next set of tracks again. It was like playing a video game...

Soon, I found a set of tracks that led somewhere other than death. It led into a dark tunnel which seemed endless. My old cart creaked and clattered against the old rails. That's when I saw a light at the end of the tunnel....

....and the broken ends of my rail.

I screamed as I fell off of the other side of the cliff, my cart just barely keeping me inside it. I opened my wings to act as a glider, but they tensed up and closed tight. Me and my cart landed on the cliff face and started to slide down. I screamed louder as I had to steer my cart around obstacles before falling again. This time, I landed on a bush and bounced off with the cart, landing on another steep grade. I continued to slide for what seemed like ages until finally my cart slid down onto the ground, landed on a different set of rails and slowly rolled to a stopper.

My cart gently touched the old minecart stopper and...well, stopped. After finishing metaphorically soiling my pants, I climbed out of the cart and took a step away from it. That's when the iron buckled and it simply fell apart. I looked at my surroundings. It appeared to be a beach of some kind. That's when I noticed a large shadow passing by. I looked up and saw the other Dragons flying away, eastward. That's when some sort of blue and yellow reptile, about the size of a large truck, slid onto the beach in front of me. It had webbed claws and no wings. His head had fin-like appendages, with a long tail that ended with a large fin-like flipper. I recognized it as the Blue Dragon of Water, Leo.

"Deduc Draco!" he said. "You're okay!"
"Yes, Leo, I'm fine...Where is everyone going?"
"We need to go to one of our other bases. We're headed to Asia to regroup and rest, then we'll be headed to one of the other bases here in North America."
"Why Asia?"
"Are you kidding? Asia loves Dragons! They like...worship them or something."

I nodded understandingly with a small frown.

"What about the base here, how'd that go? Are our tracks covered?"
"Chunky is carrying all our gear and books, I have all our belongings, and Shaun burned everything down so that no one can trace us."
"Good...wait, how do you have all our belongings? Won't they get wet?"
"I have them in a waterproof bubble attached to my tail."
" can control water...I always forget about the things we can do."
"What about you Deduc Draco? Are you coming with us?"

I thought about it for a while...When I was taken by the Government, they only ever told my parents that it was a "matter of international security"...They probably think I'm a criminal. I never did get to say goodbye....But if I just leave without them at least knowing I'm alive and well, they may never know...I sighed heavily.

"Yeah, I'm coming. I just have one last thing to do. Where are we meeting?"
"Alright, I'll meet you there."

I turned and flew off as Leo dove back into the water and swam eastward. I flew home and landed in my backyard. I went closed and hid my wings, then walked over to the front door and knocked. My mother opened the door and gasped.

"Hey Mom..."

She wrapped her arms around me tightly, crying into my shoulder. I hugged her back, though loosely.

"I thought we'd lost you! Robert! ROBERT GET OUT HERE! Look who it is!!"

My dad came to the door and his cigarette fell out of his mouth, he was so shocked. He suddenly gave me a bear hug, crying as well. The only other time I saw my dad cry was when my brother was pronounced dead at the hospital. They knew it was me. I told them about what happened, but I never told them how I did it...It was time to come clean.

I sat with my parents, telling them everything they needed to know. The Order....the true cause of my brother's death....what the Government wanted with me....and what I needed to do now.

My mother was reeling, her head spinning. My dad was having trouble wrapping his head around it as well.

"I don't need to go to Asia? Why?"
"I told you Dad...I need to regroup with the other Dragons and get a plan working, then I need to find a new base here in North America. I'm leaving for Tokyo today."
"But we just got you back after a solid year of not knowing where you were..."
"I know's not any easier for me. But you have to understand, this is not to just protect me and you two, but the entirety of humanity. The Government doesn't know that. They just want to use us."

My mother weeped a bit, but stayed strong, giving me a tight hug. My father stood up, gripping my shoulder tightly and looking me dead in the eye.

"Alright son. You're a man now. You go find your other Dragons."
"I'll try Dad."
"No son. You WILL. Don't disappoint us! We're depending on you!"

I nodded and smiled, giving them both one last hug before making my way to the door.

"One last thing, Shay."

I turned.

"Yeah Dad?"

He smiled, with tears in his eyes.

"Make sure to kick the ass of anyone who gets in your way."

I smirked.

"I will Dad. I will."

And with that, I turned and ran down the sidewalk, leaping into the air and spreading my wings, flying eastward towards Asia and towards my fellow Dragons. My mother and father stood in the doorway, holding one another and smiling proudly at their Whatever.
The Legend of the Dragon Guardians: Chapter 9
Chapter 1: The Torch is Passed On
Chapter 2: Two Birds, One Stone Pendant
Chapter 3: What's Yours Is Mine
Chapter 4: The Order
Chapter 5: Training Tracks
Chapter 6: Escape
Chapter 7: Dragon Tail
Chapter 8: Memory Lane
Chapter 9: Gate Crashing
Chapter 10: Smile and Wave
Chapter 11: Coming soon
Map of Xenonia by DubleTruble96
Map of Xenonia

Ground-Level Districts

Arctic: A frigid tundra, with little more than large evergreens for plantlife; this snowy District is home to many Water element mages, though the Ice sub-element is more prominant. It is also the native homeland of the Arctic Species of Xenonia, which share a similar look to the rest of the denizens, however, are made entirely of snow and ice, and should they ever leave their frozen home, they will melt. Few of them are exceptions to this, however.

Forest: Unlike it's much more humid and warm, and frozen solid neighbors, the Forest District is always around the tempurature of a warm Spring day. It's mostly safe* with tall trees of all kinds, including evergreens, and is home to a variety of creatures, most of them feral or primitive in nature. The prominant element in this District is Earth, with Plant being the most used. Many people have huts and homes in this forest, enjoying the peaceful tranquility of the wild rather than the bustle of the City. It is also home to the Demon Tribe.

Lake: The smallest District, but one of the largest in depth,  the Lake District actually isn't as small as it is on the map. It stretches on deeper than most would consider possible, given that Xenonia is nothing more than a circular chunk of land flying through space. The only way non-water-breathers can get to the village at the very bottom of the District is via Bubble Transport. This unique form of transport will carry one passenger at a time, however, there's a limitless supply of the special bubble fluid needed to create them. The prominant element here is obviously Water, and is home to the Aquatic species, which have superior swimming capablities and water-breathing.

Jungle: The Jungle is very humid, much like the "rainforests" of a planet known as Earth. The Jungle is home to all sorts of plant life, much of which was not known before, and many more still undiscovered. This District is popular with Alchemists, and it's prominant element is Earth, with it's sub-element being Plant. Water is also quite popular here. The Jungle is home to many native tribes, many of which oblivious of the other districts, and assume that their Jungle home stretches into infinity.

Candy: This District is far different than the rest, as the entirety of the land is made of sugary sweets. The ground is chocolate cake, and the trees are licorice. The cliffs are rock candy of all flavors, and the rivers are streams of pure liquid sugar. The denizens of this District are also made of candy, with caramel 'blood' and gummy 'insides', with their bodies usually made of more solid candies like chocolate or taffy. Literally everything in this district is edible, including the people living there, and they're more than happy to lend a hand or two to a hungry traveller. There is no prominant element here, as Candy is not technically magic.

Valley: A shortened version of "Unique Valley", this District is the only part of Xenonia with a miniture star "sun". This is because unlike the rest of Xenonia, the Unique species thrive in the sunlight. The Valley is home to hundreds of Uniques, aptly called this because they all share one big trait: They're sun-loving. That means that they are Unique to the rest of the denizens. They fall under many catergories to make it easier for people to identify them. Many are young or primitive in nature, often fleeing from confrontation rather than fighting. Like the Candy District, there is no prominant element or sub-element. However, there is still much to be learned of the Uniques. If only they would stick around long enough to be studied....

Mountain/Cave: This District is full of mountains and cliffs, and dotting this cliffs are deep mines and caverns. These caverns are home to many nocturnal creatures such as bats, but also the ever elusive Crystaliens. Rare sightings of these creatures have reported that they seem to be entirely made of precious gemstones, usually one type. They love the mines because it's here they find their primary food source: gems. They bite through these precious stones like a normal person would bite through cake. Apparently, according to studies, different gemstones have different flavors, with favorites being picked. It seems that the "forbidden fruit" of their race is the incredibly rare Spirit Stone, the same ore that the Spirit Crystals the Palace guards are made of. The taste of these stones is, as one Crystalien was quoted as saying, "perfect" and "more satisfying than a warm summer's day". The prominant element here is Earth, with the sub-element of Crystal. The caves are deep and winding, with adventurers going missing or lost in them frequently.

Magic: The Magic District is a barren wasteland, with no living plant life, just dead trees and bushes. The District is dotted with hundreds of large natural Crystal formations, as well as many Wizard Towers. These towers often house an elder mage with extensive knowledge of one or more elements, and many apprentice magicians flock to this district to be taught by them. However, it's also home to the species Spellcaster. These hooded creatures often carry a powerful crystal staff, and will act hostile to people not from their District. They will not usually attack, but it's been reported that Spellcasters wearing darker tattered robes will act violently. When defeated, Spellcasters will either disappear, flee or 'explode', though their numbers never seem to drop. People believe that the Spellcaster species were once respected mages who were outcasted or exiled for using magic frowned upon by the Magic School. The prominant elements here are Light and Dark, however, Time/Space has also been quoted as being used....

Plushie: The Plushie District is similar to the Candy District in the way of it being not made of the same materials as the rest of the 'planet'. The Plushie District is made of all sorts of fabrics, both artificial and natural. The grass is reported to be yarn, and the trees seem to be cotton. Rivers are silk and the roads are polyester. Similarily to the Candy District, it seems that the denizens of this area follow suit to the land as well, being made partly or entirely of fabric and cotton stuffing. This species has been coined as "Plushies", however, the Plushie World is not actually part of this universe at all, but rather a different universe entirely. This District also is dotted with 'portals' to the Plushie Universe, that is, closets, beds, washing/drying machines, etc. The magic behind how these 'portals' work is not yet understood by the Magic Schools and are still under study. One thing remains clear however: Organic creatures (that is, creatures that are not made of fabric and stuffing) are not able to access these portals without a "Plushie" escorting them. It seems that only a "Plushie" has the required magic to activate the portals.**

City: The City District is the urban area of the "planet", and is exactly as it sounds. The City is dotted with shops, restaurants, inns, and other services ranging from the unusual to the expected. This is the only true safe haven in all of Xenonia, and the villagers and citizens who live here often don't leave without good reason. The City District is also the only place Magic usage is forbidden, unless used for educational purposes or circumstances in which authority says it is allowed.

Palace: The Palace (which is not classified as a 'district', but still has information on it) is the largest structure in all of Xenonia, as well as the tallest. This Palace is home to Dusk, the Prince of Xenonia, as well as anybody he feels may live with him. This does not include the hundreds of maids and butlers he has working for him. He is a strong, yet fair ruler, and is the only one in the entire land of Xenonia to master all 8 Elements, as well as all the sub-elements. He is respected greatly, but he often humbles himself in public, not liking being treated as royalty. The Palace is actually bigger on the inside, which further proves Dusk's capabilities in the Elements of Time and Space. His Magical Laboratory and Alchemist's Den is in the tallest tower, with the Royal Bedchambers being at the very top.

Floating Districts

Volcano: The fiery Volcano District is one of the two floating Districts hovering above the Plushie District. This District is home to the Molten, a species native to this District, and seemingly the exact opposite of the Aquatics of the Lake District. They can breathe under the lava that floods from the volcano, and can survive even the harshest of heats. They eat metal and rocks, but cannot get wet, otherwise they will solidify and die. The Volcano is a floating District to prevent damage to the rest of the "planet", with special barriers preventing lava from pouring over the sides. The heat is great, but not unbearable to the average traveller, but be warned, as the closer you get to the volcano, the hotter it gets. The prominant elements here are Fire and Earth.

Cloud/Sky: Floating high above the Unique Valley, higher than the sun, the Cloud District is home to the Aerials, a species of winged creatures of all kinds. They love to frolic in their bouncy District, as the clouds can be walked on by only them, or those with the capability of flight. However, this can be countered with a simple water-walking spell. Many of them are archers, and are very competitive when it comes to bow and arrow contests. They're very friendly and love when people visit them, as they don't get visitors often (which isn't surprising). The prominant element here is Wind, with the sub-element of Lightning.

*The safety of the Forest is relative, as many of the Demons living there are thieves and mischief makers, but some have been known to get violent. They are cowardly however, and will often flee from a challenging opponent.

**The "portals", as stated above, are not average portals. They only seem to be things where stuffed animal toys are often found on Earth, such as in the back of closets, bureaus, or dressers; under beds; inside the drums of washing/drying machines; inside laundry baskets; underneath large piles of laundry; et cetera. These "portals" don't seem to do anything when used, as their magic becomes apparent only when exiting.

(I.e: A person crawls under the bed with their plushie escort. They may not notice anything at first, in fact, if you look back out from under the bed, it seems like nothing has changed. But when you crawl back out from under the bed, you find that you are, indeed, in the Plushie's Universe.)

The "portals" are smart too, as they will not accept Organics with a temporary transformation spell/potion effect to turn into a Plushie. Permanent transformations seem to work however. Costumed or disguised Organics do not count as an escort, nor does a stuffed toy (non-living plushie). It has to be a Plushie that was born (or has been permanently transformed) into a Plushie. Nothing else will work.

Chapter 8: Memory Lane

Some weeks previously, before the government facility, but after the events of Chapter 7

"Hey's me, Shay...It's been almost a year since we last spoke. And look at me now...I'm the leader of a secret order protecting humanity from mythical beasts."


"Yeah I know, crazy right? But I'm making this world a better place one step at a time. I'm just glad you're okay."


"Listen, I'm going to make sure that this world is better than what it was when I wasn't in charge. I know I sound like a dreamer, but you always told me that dreams were goals waiting to be created."


"Okay, get some rest. You've earned it man. You really have."

I put my hand against the cold tombstone, rubbing my hand against the engraved text.

"I miss you, bro...I'm just glad your suffering is over..."

A single tear escaped my eye, falling onto the grass. I lowered my head solomnly. I ran my hand along the face of the tombstone, feeling the engraved text run under my palm. The text read simply:

Here lies Drake White, son of Robert and Maria White, brother of Shay White
May he rest in peace

Present Day

I walked to the graveyard on the edge of town. The green grass did little to aleviate the grim atmosphere of the old burial grounds. I walked between the old headstones, being sure not to step over or on any of the graves out of respect for the dead. I turned and went down one of the aisles before stopping at my brother's headstone. I knelt down, staring at the old tombstone, reading and re-reading the engravings.

It was dark that afternoon. It was only yesterday that I escaped the government prison, and the grey clouds completely blanketed the once clear sky. I stared at the tombstone, remembering the suffering my brother had to go through with his injuries. He was hit by a car driven by a thug from our high school. He never finished his junior year. I swore that the bastard would get what he deserved. I remembered what happened the day he died...

1 Year Ago

"Hey bro....The doctor said that you weren't doing so well...Some lot he knows, huh?" I chuckled, but I could tell that he knew that my laugh wasn't sincere.
"He's right, told me a long time ago that you had these...these powers...right? I never believed you...."
"I know you didn't. It sounded so sounded-"
"Shay...You would do anything to end my suffering, right?" He coughed.
"You know I would! In a heartbeat!"
"I want you to prove that you have the powers you say you do."

I dreaded what he was going to say next, and I couldn't have been more right.

"I want you to use them on me."
"You said you'd do anything to end my suffering..."
"Yeah, anything but THAT!"
"Listen, I'm not going to make it."
"Don't say that!"
"No, you all know that I wasn't gonna live too long after that accident...Pulling the plug would be too harsh on me....sneaking me cyanide would get you arrested..."
"I'm not doing it!"

He suddenly shot up with speed I haven't seen in days from him, reaching up with his arms covered with tubes and wires and grabbing the collar of my shirt, pulling me down so we were face-to-face, using up what little strength he had left to prove his point to me.

"I never wanted this Shay..." He said through his teeth. "I didn't want it to come to this. I don't want to suffer anymore. I don't want you to see me like this anymore. I'm not going to make it. Why would you make me wait for something that's inevitable anyway?"
"I don't want to..." I said through tears.
"I know you don't. But would you rather me suffer and die alone in this hospital room?"

He stared at me longingly with deep blue eyes full of pleading.

"Please big bro.....just end it."

I stared back, my own eyes doing a good impression of Niagra Falls.

"I love you, little bro..."

I opened my mouth, and the thick grey smoke billowed out from my lungs, slowly covering the bed.

"Thank you..." He coughed. ".....shay..." He managed to choke out before....before.....


I stared at my younger brother's lifeless body, his eyes which were once bright and happy with hope and play were now dimmed and lonely. I reached up and closed his eyes, holding his hand so I could feel the warmth of his touch one last time before I left that room.

"You're welcome, Drake."

I turned and left the room, slowly and solemnly.

"Rest in peace, Drake....Rest in peace."

Present Day

The wind was cold that day in the graveyard. His tombstone showed signs of age, despite only being 12 months old. I stared at the engraving, wondering what could've been had he been still alive. Would he hate me? Would he wonder what I am up to everyday? We were always close, but the Order is something I kept secret, even from people I trusted the most. It was like being a superhero. You couldn't tell anybody, lest they be put into danger. I sighed heavily and turned to leave, but stopped when I saw Rolly standing in the gate behind me, looking at me with a sympathetic stare. I stared back, took one final glance at the tombstone I stood in front of, then turned and began towards the exit, and towards Rolly.

"I'm....I'm sorry about-"
"It's not your fault." I interrupted, briskly walking past her. She followed after me.
"I know it isn't...But I somehow feel responsible."
"Well don't. We have bigger fish to fry. How'd you find me, anyway?"
"I used my echolocation ability."
"Hm. Regardless, you're here now. We should find the other Dragons."
"What are you planning on doing?"
"I'm planning on doing my job of protecting humanity. I suggest that you follow suit."
"Well, of course, but what about the govern-"

I stopped and turned to her, Rolly nearly bumping into me but stopping just short. I pointed at her and said with a stern tone.

"Let ME worry about them. Find the other Dragons and head back to base. I have some business I need to take care of."
"Yes Deduc Draco."

She spread her large feathery wings and began to fly up and away from me. I turned to leave, but stopped, doubled back and looked up at her.

"And Rolly?"

She stopped and looked at me, hovering in the air.

"Yes, Shay?"

I rethought what I was going to say, then shook my head, waving my hand at her.

"Nevermind. On your way."

We turned and parted ways, Rolly headed to find the other Dragons...

Myself to find some answers.
The Legend of the Dragon Guardians: Chapter 8
Chapter 1: The Torch is Passed On
Chapter 2: Two Birds, One Stone Pendant
Chapter 3: What's Yours Is Mine
Chapter 4: The Order
Chapter 5: Training Tracks
Chapter 6: Escape
Chapter 7: Dragon Tail
Chapter 8: Memory Lane
Chapter 9: Gate Crashing
Chapter 10: Smile and Wave
Chapter 11: Coming soon
I was in my school's library typing up Chapter 7 for my story "Legend of the Dragon Guardians" when one of the librarians asked what I was doing. When I told them I was writing a book, they got very excited and asked what it was about. I told them the details, and printed off a copy of the Legend for them to read. They enjoyed it so much that they wanted me to print off the rest of the chapters as I make them, and they want to get a binder, put all the chapters in there, get a cover page, a barcode and actually have it in their library for people to read!

They want my story to be read by the entire school! They even told me that they would go the whole ten yards and even put up a poster outside the library that says the title of my book with the words "Coming soon" under it, but they'd keep my identity a secret. So that when I'm finished the saga, they'll put the very first Student-written book into their library and let people read it! (I might end up having to make extra copies if the book is popular enough)

Sorry if I sound a little excited....

But I'm really excited! =D I now have another reason to finish this book! Wish me luck! =D
  • Mood: Excited
I was in my school's library typing up Chapter 7 for my story "Legend of the Dragon Guardians" when one of the librarians asked what I was doing. When I told them I was writing a book, they got very excited and asked what it was about. I told them the details, and printed off a copy of the Legend for them to read. They enjoyed it so much that they wanted me to print off the rest of the chapters as I make them, and they want to get a binder, put all the chapters in there, get a cover page, a barcode and actually have it in their library for people to read!

They want my story to be read by the entire school! They even told me that they would go the whole ten yards and even put up a poster outside the library that says the title of my book with the words "Coming soon" under it, but they'd keep my identity a secret. So that when I'm finished the saga, they'll put the very first Student-written book into their library and let people read it! (I might end up having to make extra copies if the book is popular enough)

Sorry if I sound a little excited....

But I'm really excited! =D I now have another reason to finish this book! Wish me luck! =D
  • Mood: Excited

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