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Haunting Memories by DubleTruble96 Haunting Memories :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 4 0 New dA ID by DubleTruble96 New dA ID :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 0 0 'Why, hello surface world!' by DubleTruble96 'Why, hello surface world!' :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 0 0 Found this in some abandoned house in a cave..? by DubleTruble96 Found this in some abandoned house in a cave..? :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 0 10
The Long Day *Please Read*
Good morning.
I know exactly how you feel. Feeling like you'd just be better off in bed today, avoiding the world and not leaving the safety of your covers. I get it. But there's a lot of world to explore out there. So get up, we'll face it together.
You're not feeling into it. You've got a lot on your mind. You don't want to have to go to work today, you don't want to go to school. You didn't get enough sleep last night because you were up all night worrying about the morning. You couldn't sleep because your mind was abuzz with so many thoughts and voices, memories and lessons, and none of it was making sense. It was making your head hurt so you just laid there, staring at your ceiling.
I feel you.
But it's time to get up.
You're scared, confused, lost. You don't want to go down and hear your parents screaming at each other, you don't want to go to school just to be smack-talked by your teacher, you don't want to go to work and feel underappreciated when you work the hardest out of an
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PPG'd Me! by DubleTruble96 PPG'd Me! :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 2 0 Advanced Dungeon Run (Mabinogi) by DubleTruble96
Mature content
Advanced Dungeon Run (Mabinogi) :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 0 3
'AND TOGETHER, THEY FIGHT CRIME!' by DubleTruble96 'AND TOGETHER, THEY FIGHT CRIME!' :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 0 4 Plushie Template by DubleTruble96 Plushie Template :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 0 0 Tech Template by DubleTruble96 Tech Template :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 0 0 Xenonian Template by DubleTruble96 Xenonian Template :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 0 0 Kandy The Plushie Roo by DubleTruble96 Kandy The Plushie Roo :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 0 2 Don't Starve: Duskorion by DubleTruble96 Don't Starve: Duskorion :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 2 0 My Amiibos Are Here! by DubleTruble96 My Amiibos Are Here! :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 0 3 Goddammit by DubleTruble96 Goddammit :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 0 12 Dusk and Rolly: Cafe by DubleTruble96 Dusk and Rolly: Cafe :icondubletruble96:DubleTruble96 0 0


The character design is good, and I enjoy the effects you used to make the snow. Your anatomy is just slightly off, as the arms seem pr...

The colours are very nice and I enjoy the contrast if the light blue on the reddish-pink/purple. You should also note that while underw...




Haunting Memories
Dusk had a pretty grim past and is still haunted by the voices of his regrets...

 The first character represents a childhood friend he found after the experiments had changed him on the outside, but inside he was still himself. The friend couldn't see that past his new exterior and ran away in fear.

The second character is one of the scientists who had experimented on him frequently. They did their best to wear down Dusk's psyche, telling them that even if he does escape the facility, he'll never be able to return to normal life.

The final character is his twin sister Nocturnal whom he inadvertently abandoned at the facility during his hasty escape. Nocturnal had managed to escape shortly after Dusk did, but Nocturnal held a constant grudge that he left her there and has been hunting him since.

Sometimes when he's alone, the voices flood his thoughts and it causes him to go into bursts of uncontrolled rage. However, after many years, he's managed to find peace with his past, realizing that his mistakes do not define who he is; but more importantly, that other people's perception of him isn't who he is either.


This is heavily inspired and based on Bo Burnham's finale of his show "What." The song is called "We Think We Know You".
Ya know, browsin' Tumblr today made me think about this so I just wanted to leave this here:

PSA: If you identify as something other than your biological/assigned gender and I've been calling you the wrong pronouns, please, for the love of god tell me. I'd much prefer to call you by the pronouns you prefer rather than the one I tend to keep calling you mistakenly. Do not be shy to correct me. Thank you and have a lovely day!
New dA ID
Yeah that's me. Yeah I own that hat. Yeah I hope you have a great day. What of it? >8D
Hey ya'll. =P I'm at work like all day, but I DID manage to purchase and DL Pokemon Sun overnight. So could ya do me a favor and refrain from posting any spoilers? I'm not gonna be able to play until tonight. Cheers! -Wolfie
For those of you who follow my YouTube channel, which I imagine is all 1 of you... =P You may have noticed that it's become more...barren. Well I set all my OLD videos from 2011-2014 (roughly) to Private, set my playlists to Private, and renamed my channel to AlphaWuff in preparations for a hard reset. AlphaWuff is now going to be my gaming channel I hope to setting up soon, and I'm going to be trying to upload a few videos of different games, with commentary either provided whilst playing or post-playing. That all being said, here's hoping for a better future for my new channel! Austin, out!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Austin and Dusk
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Welcome to my new channel! I'm Austin, and this is going to be run by me and Dusk!

Me: Fun-loving, caring, hyperactive, and a great guy.
Dusk: Slightly cynical, caring, serious, but has his funny moments!

:icondubletruble96: :heart: :iconderpinfinity:

Bipolar Disorder Awarness by KittyGreenEyes
Austin, Wolfie, Mr. E, SPAZ, Boo, Skipper, Auzzie (I have a lot of nicknames this could be a while...)

Star sign:
Pisces ♓

Average hours of sleep:

Lucky Number:

13 (I'm not saying this ironically, I just really like 13.)

Last thing I googled:

The text version of the Pisces symbol. See above.

Favorite fictional character:

I dunno. I have a lot of faves from various series, so I'll just name a few and the series their from...

Kirby (Nintendo)
Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Feferi Piexes (Homestuck)
Sans (Undertale)
Wilford Warfstache (Markiplier, YouTube)
Septic Eye Sam (jacksepticeye, YouTube)
Yoshi (Nintendo)
Waluigi (Nintendo)
Peashooter (Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare)
Engineer (Team Fortress 2)
Enderman (Minecraft)

What are you wearing now?:

My work T-shirt (from where I work at a grocery store) and some black jeans

When did you start this account?:

Sept. 15, 2011

Amount of watchers:


What do you post?:

Fan art, original art, fanfics, original fics, and various self-portraits edited for extra hilarity.

Do you run any more blogs?:

I've got a tumblr, but it's basically dead.

Do you get a lot of comments?:


Why did you choose this username?:

I just didn't really like my old one DuskTehHedgehog because it seemed childish and dumb after a while. So I traded up for an even more poorly spelled username, which is what I have now. Counterproductive, in retrospect. XD


I guess...the first 5 peeps on my friends list:


Enjoy it, do it if you want, don't do it. It's ain't on me. =3


DubleTruble96 has started a donation pool!
317 / 5,000
Any donations are welcome.

I'm willing to do commissions, but only hand-drawn ones...Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner, so I'm going to do this relatively cheaply.

Comissions only effect those who are NOT on my friends list...
UNLESS my friend feels like he/she wants to pay me for it. XD

:bulletred: ~ Closed
:bulletyellow: ~ Friends Only
:bulletgreen: ~ Open

Comissions ~ :bulletgreen:
Gifts ~ :bulletyellow:
Requests ~ :bulletred:

5:points: ~ Drawing, no shading/colour
7:points: ~ Drawing, with shading/colour
10:points: ~ Drawing, with shading AND colour


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